We provide cosmetic regulatory advice in New Zealand including on the following areas:

  • whether the product will be considered a cosmetic and is able to be classified under the Cosmetic Group Standard;
  • whether the ingredients in your product are legally permitted as required under the Cosmetic Group Standard and not prohibited under other laws such as the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act, Medicines Act, Psychoactive Substances Act and Misuse of Drugs Act;
  • labelling of products including ensuring compliance with specific labelling requirements under the Cosmetic Group Standard, Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act (including associated Regulations) and trade measurement laws;
  • specific claims review advice to ensure claims are not therapeutic and comply with the obligations under the Cosmetic Group Standard and Fair Trading Act; and
  • mutual recognition laws between Australia and New Zealand particularly in relation to selling cosmetics that comply with New Zealand laws and can then be sold in Australia (or vice versa).

 We are also able to help with:

  • general product liability and consumer claims;
  • independent negotiations and discussions with regulators; and
  • providing training seminars and workshops on all aspects of cosmetic law compliance, but in particular, on claims and general advertising principles (including social media law).