Advertising & Marketing

We provide specialist compliance advice and services in relation to advertising and marketing of all product types and services. 

This includes advising on:

  • advertising and marketing clearance to ensure compliance with laws, regulations and industry codes of practice across all types of media.  Our specialties include food and beverages, alcohol, cosmetics, supplements, medicines, and gambling.  We also advise on issues and strategies with comparative and third party advertising (eg. competitor complaints and what steps can be taken);
  • all areas of consumer law including consumer protection laws such as statutory warranties under the Consumer Guarantees Act and unsubstantiated representations, false claims and misleading and deceptive conduct under the Fair Trading Act;
  • all areas of social media law including the laws and rules surrounding online social media providers and providing strategic compliance advice.  We can draft social media policies and website terms of use to ensure these are up to date and legally compliant;
  • privacy issues including ensuring you are compliant with rules around data collection, direct marketing and telemarketing including advice on relevant provisions under the Privacy Act, Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act and other relevant laws and regulations (including best practice guides).  This includes drafting privacy policies and ensuring any direct marketing is compliant with these laws;
  • competitions / sales promotions.  We provide advice on all kinds of promotional activities.  This includes advising on relevant competition / sales promotion legislation (under the Gambling Act) and drafting and reviewing promotion terms and conditions including reviewing advertising to ensure compliance with these laws (see our Costs page for our fixed price offer!); and
  • providing training and compliance on all of the areas mentioned above.